Merit Seed of Ohio's Amish Country

In 1936, BJ Yoder began the Yoder Hybrid Corn Company to provide unsurpassed quality seeds to the agricultural industry that still dominates the region today. Three generations later and a name change to accommodate the diversity of the company, Merit Seed continues to be a premier supplier of organic, conventional and herbicide-tolerant seeds that farmers have come to trust.

Over 75 years in business, Merit Seed has been able to keep up with the ever-changing agricultural needs of the community and beyond. Serving Holmes, Tuscarawas and Wayne counties, we at Merit Seed also work closely with farmers and dealers in 13 states across the United States.

Merit Seed offers many different types of hybrid seed corn to meet the various planting needs of growers. Conventional, Modified, Roundup Ready and Triple Stacked Corn are all proven producers. We have partnered with Byron Seed to offer other successful varieties as well.

For organic producers, Merit Seed has several certified organic products that include many varieties of organic corns, organic alfalfas, Climax Timothy, Med-Red Clover and Orchardgrass, a cool-season grass that is more shade and drought tolerant and does well when mixed with other grasses.

Merit Seed offers many grasses and clovers for growers to include in their modern forage systems to ensure a profit. Rye grasses include Power Tetraploid Perennial and Duo Festulolium. Other grasses such as Hairy Vetch, Tuukka Timothy and Smooth Bromegrass can be used for soil improvement and pasture. Growers can add overall value to their pasture with clovers like Merit Platinum Ladino, Starfire Red II and Medium Red. These legumes will also add nitrogen to the soil. Merit Seed offers turf seed for all applications. Choose from Pro-Turf, Landscapers, Stadium, Shady Lawn, and Contractors. Lawn and garden fertilizers are now available. Hunters and outdoorsman appreciate the different blends of seed they can use in their deer and wildlife management strategy. Classic Whitetail, Alfalfa Plus, 12 Point Buck, Deer Max, Chicory Extreme, Buck Draw, Buck Forage Oats and Turnip Greens are some of the different blends available.

Merit Seed carries different types of sweet corn that live up to the reputation of true Ohio corn, a taste that epitomizes summer for many. Incredible and Miracle are popular yellow varieties and are always available. With a large variety of sweet corn to choose from, growers will be impressed with the low prices. Seed can be purchased in any quantity.